Idanre Hills


Went on a weekend trip with some family to Idanre. Idanre is an ancient town located in Ondo State in the South west of Nigeria. My family originally comes from there.IMG_7532Idanre is surrounded by hills and its people used to live up in the hills for over 100 years. Their town was fortified on the hills during wars and they lived there until they migrated down to the valleys after the death of a king. Up on the hills you will still find remains of their early settlement which includes; schools, a palace, and mud-houses. This settlement 3000ft above sea level is called ‘Oke Idanre’. Today many festivals are held up there.IMG_7554 IMG_7555IMG_7574 IMG_7591IMG_7560 IMG_7556IMG_7589IMG_7568 IMG_7576 IMG_7583 IMG_7600IMG_7573 IMG_7636 IMG_7640

IMG_7572 IMG_7613 IMG_7592According to our guide that day, it takes a days trip to get to the old town; to make it up there we had to be at the foot at 7AM…We got to the foot of the hill at 12pm, so seeing the old town was not an option. Did you see some of the camping tents I saw along our climb…Fancy camping out there?IMG_7551IMG_7607 IMG_7612 IMG_7611 IMG_7615 IMG_7614 IMG_7613 IMG_7625 IMG_7618 It took us 660 steps to get up the hill. There were resting points along and the views were breathtaking; littered between the hills were brown roof tops in the town and the higher we climbed the smaller they became. Of course I had to jump at the top! 😀IMG_7629IMG_7617This is one of Nigeria’s treasures…so much income can be generated from tourism if managed the right way. I hear it is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. May be one day I will return and be at the foot at 7AM to make it up to the old town…It was beautiful, and if you fancy seeing a magical foot print(Aboogun Footprint) that shrinks to fit everyone’s size except witches or the supposed ‘Noah’s Ark’ you should too…haha!IMG_7635IMG_7642 IMG_7596 IMG_7633 IMG_7645



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  • Reply Lutvann – calebsgirl 09/05/2017 at 8:16 am

    […] other proper hikes I can remember being on right now, will be up Calton Hill in Edinburgh, and Up Idanre Hills in Ondo State, Nigeria. So this was fun for me, an adventure… until we got lost and the […]

  • Reply MakitaJones 06/08/2016 at 7:15 pm

    Such a thirst trap! Love your article. It’s now on my bucket list, Idanre hills!

  • Reply Sefiat Azeez 19/07/2016 at 11:51 pm

    Ondo girls rock!!! my Dad is from Ikare

  • Reply Lady Ro 12/07/2016 at 11:03 pm

    Love this article and you captured Idanre so we’ll. Well done on the article

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