How to cope with waiting on UDI….

How To Cope With UDI Waiting Times

So we have been waiting for 9 months now for our Fiance Permit to be processed by the UDI(Norwegian Immigration)… Over the  months I noticed a lot of people are on the same boat with us and are really frustrated with the long long waiting time. The most annoying thing is you never get any real update from UDI, just same old ‘Your application is on the queue to be processed’ story for 9-18months! Incredible!

We actually kept faith that it would not take longer than 6 months for a simple yes or no decision… Well January 2016 made the 9th month waiting for us. It is however, what it is! We are the ones who decided to settle in Norway and thus have no choice but to wait… So here are some things we have done to cope for 9 months.

Saving UDI monthly emails… 🙁

Ok so once your application gets forwarded to the UDI you get an email notifying you of this development and informing you that you will receive monthly emails on the status of your application. I have saved every e-mail as they have come in. When I start to get frustrated I go into my saved mails, count the mails I have received and subtract them from the amount of emails left to come. So now I have 9 emails and a maximum of 9 to go…Absolutely depressing! hahaha!

Analysing previous annual reports on

When I get frustrated with waiting I go on the UDI website to analyse the previous years statistics. I mean if they had about ‘30,000’ unprocessed applications at the end of the 2014 and on average handled about 900 applications monthly they should be done with that back log and begun on this years applications right???…. I mean i should be able to forecast when my application will be first in line right??? haha!… also depressing…sigh.

Following UDI on twitter

This is the only social media platform they are actually social on…I have tweeted them once or twice immediately after receiving that heart dropping dreary monthly auto-mail…Thing is though, my name on twitter is not the same on my application, so it is not like they are going to read my nagging tweet then rush to attend to my application like most other organisation might if I tweeted a complaint about them…but I have not even complained…I don’t dare too..hahaha! Take all your time UDI but please consider  ours… 🙁

Googling ‘Long waiting period UDI’

What is that popular saying again…there is solace in a company of grievers??? whatever! Looking for ‘co-waiters’ online and then complaining altogether on a forum UDI staff probably do not read is totally comforting..haha We once found a protest organised by a group in Oslo on Facebook… I mean an anarchist is needed for change to happen right? The rational here is that the more people there are that are complaining the higher the pressure there ‘should’ be for UDI to process applications faster…right? hopefully?

Getting your partner to call UDI

Just do not get your hopes high for any useful news when they do… I think i ask him to call just to remind UDI we are people and not just pieces of paper… we exist…lol at least thats what I tell myself…

Update your application

Sending in new pictures and documents has also helped…Somewhere in my head i think a person will look for my file print my new documents, update it and may be just drop it at the top of the queue by mistake??? hahaha, such a comforting thought. Just send in whatever you feel is relevant to your application…Reason same as coping tip number 5 above…haha

Day Dream…A lot!

Yes…about the day you get that positive email saying ‘You have been approved’…What are you going to do after reading that email?? Best coping tip listed here I think…

Move on with your relationship

Together…You both just have to carry on with life as if there is no application you are waiting on. Carry on with your long distance relationship if your apart. Keep skyping, talking and visiting each other… and of course remember to update as in coping tip number 5.

Checking to be sure people work in UDI

Hahaha! But for real though It is comforting to know that actual people..scratch that a group of people work there and not just Gandalf sitting at his desk reading an application slowly through his thick glasses…haha! Go-to-place-> LinkedIn

Celebrate at each Month’s End!

It is after all one month less out of your total waiting time…Go out and toast to your achievement!…haha, but seriously it does feel better at every months’ end.

In The End….Just go with it

Guys, the best way to cope with waiting is really not to bother yourself too much with all I have mentioned above but to relax, remain positive and stay hopeful. I agree there is no reason why it should take so long to be reunited with people you love but you must understand some people have abused the system and made it tough for genuine people. Pray and keep hope alive…at the end of the day a positive decision will erase the memory of waiting away….

Oh and weldone to the UDI…We know the pressure is a lot…but so it is also for  us…for our lives to move on…anyways…back to waiting…Sigh 🙁

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  • Reply Enitan 17/02/2016 at 7:53 am

    Hello. I came across your blog while checking for UDI waiting times!!! Very helpful tips and lovely pictures of Stavanger too. I just applied for a fiancé permit this January hanging onto faith that it should be approved by May!!! Thanks too for the tips on picking up Norwegian. I have started and use a site called
    I wish you all the best and hoping the long wait will be over for you soon.

    • Reply Calebs Girl 17/02/2016 at 8:39 am

      Heisann! All the best with your application. I’m glad the tips were of value to you. I hear the UDI have employed new staff so hopefully you would not wait as long as we have… Keep updating the application with any relevant development between you two, you can also join the Norway Fiance Visa forum on Might help to read about other stories…Fingers crossed it will be over soon, thank you!

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