Happy Independence Nigeria!


Sorry it’s late on here….We have been on this journey not just since October 1, 1960 but since a bunch of British Colonial Masters decided to join different tribes, tongues and people together to form Nigeria. Not been an easy one…There have been many that have gone out there and given us a bad name…There have also been so many more Nigerians making positive contribution to the world globally!


I love my country! We have suffered from corrupt leaders stealing our wealth and are still suffering from Neo-colonialism. But from the last elections held we can all agree the beginning of Change Has Come!

Thank you Great Britain for the education, tea and pretentious British culture we took from you..but no thanks, we are slowly rejecting it…Taking pride in our own tongue, attires and way of life…We are rediscovering what it means to have National Pride…

Happy Freedom Day from Great Britain Nigeria!IMG_1700

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