Half a Grapefruit a Day…


My mom religiously juiced and drank Grapefruits when I was growing up. I probably sneaked a sip once and never went back!

Well I am no longer 13… Gah! I started eating Pink/Red Grapefruits off and on last year. It was and still is a struggle but I have enjoyed the difference it has made in my health.

Grapefruits are not just an excellent source of C-Vitamins but also of ‘Antioxidant Lycopene’. Lycopene rich foods such as the grapefruit and tomatoes appear to minimise tumour activity in the body. It has also been reported to help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. I have been taking half a grapefruit as often as I can and noticed the difference in my health whenever I am consistent with it and not.

This year I am trying to eat half a grapefruit everyday! I am convinced if I do this my health will improve tremendously. Thankfully I gained some supernatural strength to avoid unhealthy snacks during the last quarter of 2015 though, so I hope it continues. (Going to post about being a serial snacker soon)

Back to the reason for this post…Depending on it’s size, try to eat half a grapefruit as often as you can…If possible daily! You will get used to the taste after a while like I have… My body struggles with bloating and I have noticed a positive difference whenever I religiously eat my grapefruits…

They may cost a little more than clementines or oranges but they are worth it…You should try them!..x

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    […] freshly squeezed juice has also helped me avoid eating unhealthy snacks… Of course my half a grapefruit a day strategy has also […]

  • Reply LadyMafu 31/01/2016 at 12:24 am

    Thanks Bus Bus…. I will try this out!

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