Spent my weekend on a group cabin trip to the mountains…Specifically Monsetertoppen in Hafjell… The nature up there was breathtaking. Freezing temperatures but beautiful snow capped views and a pleasant group made it all worth it… Did not attempt skiing or snow boarding though…I wasn’t reaaaaddyyyy (financially too, haha), went for short hikes with plans in my head for snowboarding the next time I go up there!

Going on cabin trips to the mountains also known as ‘Hyttetur’ in norwegian is a ‘typisk norsk’ thing to do! The cabins up there were lush and beautiful, was most fascinated by the way the people carried on with skiing, snowboarding, hiking, jogging and all in the freezing temperature. Norwegians love their outdoor activities regardless of the weather I have to agree.

We passed by some iconic sites from the 94 winter olympics, like the Fakkelmannen; a felled area in the mountain depicting a man running with the olympic torch. Hafjell is close to Lillehammer the host city for the Winter Olympics in 1994.

Loved it and looking forward to more weekends like this if our wallets allow… If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life wherever it is you live, then a cabin trip up to Norway would be great…to share costs get a couple of other people who share the same vibes as you in on the trip too…Anyways here are the pictures I managed to grab featuring one very lazy bulldog, a  happy friend, frozen rivers, a fakkelmann, lots of snow and me!

IMG_9467IMG_9424IMG_9407IMG_9410IMG_9411IMG_9412IMG_9422IMG_9404IMG_9403IMG_9401IMG_9389IMG_9393IMG_9395IMG_9396IMG_9397IMG_9379IMG_9378IMG_9371IMG_9374 IMG_9376 IMG_9377IMG_9367IMG_9354IMG_9467IMG_9466IMG_9464IMG_9451IMG_9439IMG_9415IMG_9406


IMG_9451 IMG_9464 IMG_9466

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