I have come across a lot of people that do not drink water. By come across I mean hung out with them for a while and noticed they could go a whole day without a drop of water. They of course stay hydrated with sodas, fruit juices etcetera.

Whenever I point this out to them, the most common answer I get is this; I don’t like water! Don’t like the taste of it. Some don’t even notice they have drunk no water till I mention it!

I on the other hand cannot go a day without drinking water! The way my body is set-up, I start to feel dry on the inside till I have a drink of water even when I have drank sodas all day. Drinking water is very important. The daily recommendation for men is 13cups of water a day and for women, 9.

Why is it so important to drink water? Firstly your body is 70% H20; like oil is to an engine so is water to your joints; it protects sensitive tissues, aids digestion, cools your body temperature and according to some research assists your kidneys in breaking down nutrients and transporting waste.

Drinking water also helps your skin! Some say there is no evidence that directly connects great skin to drinking a lot of water, but celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gabrielle Union and Ellen Pompeo give credit to the H20 for their glowing skin. Did I also mention your skin is also 50% water???

Drink flavored water if you really cannot stand the taste of water or mix water with the ever reliable Robisons Squash! I mean as much as I love water sometimes it gets boring…Robinsons now also come in portable packages now in different flavors, so you are not ever stranded!


Please feel free to share in the comments section other ways to make drinking water less of a chore and more enjoyable..x

Featured Image Credit: Gabriele Diwald /Foster / CC BY

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