Got a Make Over!


Long overdue post!!!…Not huge on wearing make-up everyday and this is why I do not  have dedicated beauty section on my blog…I mean I cannot do without lipsticks and lining my eyelids, but thats about how far I go on a regular day! I make an effort with mascara, powder, eyeshadow and blush when I have too. I am also absolutely useless when it comes to wearing eyeshadow though…and I really like eyeshadow…gah!

Recently I was a bridesmaid for my very good friend’s wedding I took this event and my financè being around as an excuse to see what I would look like with professional make-up done(Perfect excuse isn’t it?). For the Pre-Wedding Dinner I picked Doranne’s Beauty Studio to get dolled up. She is popular for her contouring game and I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do with my face…


I was wearing a black dress so she went heavy with plum lips and simple with smokey eyes. The original plan was for her to keep it simple by enhancing my natural features but she got a little carried away and piled on layers of make-up…Athough I felt I had another face on my face, I absolutely loved what she did with my lips, eyes and all… she did great! Could not recognise myself and many people took a second look at the dinner too! Was a real make over I tell you :p


For this reason I felt the make up was perfect on me for professional photos only, my face looked lighter in person. Perhaps I need to get used to it a bit more?… I definitely had to get used to the eyelashes though. Prior to this I had also never drawn or tweezed my brows, the thought freaked me out a little cause of the horrible ones I’ve seen on people, but like I already said, she did great!

One thing I noticed from getting a make over was my smile lines! I realised they make my face look a wee bit wonky(Don’t you think?..hahaha) My one sided dimple did not help the situation too…I never really took note of this till this makeover… A+ for enhancing my features.. gah!

IMG-20151201-WA0003Screenshot_2015-12-03-14-44-16-1A different make up artist was booked for the wedding… I happened to prefer this make up on my face because i could still see me in it…It was closer to my natural face in person right?? cause people could still recognise me, hahaha.IMG_2634

After both experiences I have decided to pay a little more attention to my make up game…May be add drawing my brows to my routine, learn what type of eyeshadow shades go well with my skin and probably invest in better make-up…Would share parts of whatever I get up to here… There you have it…my first ‘facebeat’ experiences…x

P.S. I added a song to this post…lol just found out I could do that… I hope you think it’s awesome as I do, if not please feel free to mute it in your address tab or just below….x

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    Flawless as always…

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    You look beautiful always, with or without makeup

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