First Let Me Take A Selfie…


I have just got myself a… [drumroll] ….Selfie Stick! Well technically I did not buy it, took it off the Mother who got it as a thank you gift for attending a wedding but had no idea what it was…I thank you again Mother! haha. It has taken me a while to use it but finally began putting it to good use two weeks ago. So far I think it is a brilliant tool and actually does cater to a need.


I have however noticed a lot of people are embarrassed by the idea of using a Selfie Stick. They would rather struggle with taking a picture of themselves or bother people to assist them instead… My question is why?

Why is the idea of using a tool that assists you in capturing memories of yourself and loved ones embarrassing? Could it be because of the taboo word ‘Selfie‘ attached to the tool? We all know people that detest the idea of Selfies and would not be caught dead taking one…haha!

I must admit it gets kind of boring when all the pictures you see of a person are selfies of their face or body. I find that uninteresting, but a few Selfies here or there I think is quite alright! Selfies with great backgrounds without the Selfie Stick showing in the picture get bonus points from me! 😉IMG_1273Thoroughly enjoying it so far and not shy about ‘whipping’ it out, haha! Selfies are also not new on the scene, they have now just become a Fad!

So to these people I ask, is the issue specifically with ‘Selfies‘ or ‘ Selfies as a Fad‘? What is ‘THE ISSUE‘? Or could it be that ‘detesting Selfies/Selfie sticks’  has also become sort of a cool thing…an ‘unstated requirement’ of the ‘super cool intellectual crowd‘? Are you sure you would still refuse to own one if it was instead called something ‘meaningful‘ enough for you such as may be a ‘HandPod’?

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  • Reply John Doe 02/09/2015 at 7:48 pm

    I do agree!

  • Reply amelia 02/09/2015 at 12:06 pm

    I guess some people can be excessive with selfies…and that is annoying

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