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For its crystal clear turquoise blue green waters and white sand with pink hues, Elafonissi Beach sat at no. 30 on Forbes list for Worlds Best Beaches 2017 … It lays on the southwestern side of Greece’s biggest Island Crete. This week I got on the road with friends for a 1hr 3o minutes drive from Platanias to Elafonissi and it was

7e738222-b5d5-438c-bc0b-d7108ce9c9196cb44094-52e7-4bdf-ba85-5e2285821443IMG_8284IMG_8278The wind caused a beautiful ripple effect on the waters, I felt I was in the carribean and not in Europe! Most of the beach is not deep and is perfect for kids, snorkeling or to paddle board. You will very easily spot fishes swimming around you in the clear waters, both close to the shore and between the reefs inwards. The wild landscape has also been kept very as it is, which was amazing.

If you are thinking of where to go for your honey moon or a romantic getaway for two, you should consider Crete and visit Elafonissi Beach. Depending on your budget you might want to stay as close to Elafonissi as possible at the villas. Here is our we planned our trip.

Acommodaion: Elafonissi Villas or Santa Helena Resort, Platanias were we stayed.

Transport: We took a maxi taxi for 8 people and it cost around €200 for 8 hours from Platanias. You can also go by boat which is faster and you might get to stop at another beach on your way: Balos

Best time to visit: Down season; February, the early summer months and September. It is a very popular tourist attraction and the beach gets filled up real quick with thousands of tour buses filled with people visiting during the peak months of summer.

Time plan: There is only one route by road to Elafonissi, the drive up is beautiful and you get to drive through some old greek villages. The roads are also narrow and winding. It is best to go very early and leave early to avoid traffic. We set out at 8AM in the morning, arrived at 9:30AM and left at 2PM! We were a handful on the beach when we arrived which was perfect. The buses were still trooping in when we left.

Tips: Hold or buy your swimming equipment (googles, snorkelling ) if you can ahead. They are quite pricey on the beach. You will have to pay for a beach bed. Cost €4.50 per bed. It is also good to go early if you will want one. Take your go pro or waterproof camera! We have decided to invest in one after Elafonissi.

Travel information: Greece is a member of the Schengen States. A schengen visa from any member country should suffice. Depending on where you are flying from you may find direct flights.

Elafonissi will forever be in my heart…x

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