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Yipee… We are still 500days+ to our wedding ceremony *tongue out* and we are taking it one step at a time special shout out to UDI. Engagement shoot day is around the corner and we have been going through tons and tons of ideas on social media and the internet.

Why engagement shoot? well after thinking hard about it we decided to go for it with the hope that this will be the start of our modelling careers…lol For real serious work and sweat is going into getting fit for the cameras! Honestly though would just be nice to have our joy professionally captured.

We have settled on having a studio shoot simply cause it is pretty straightforward, less stress and more controlled. Nothing beats a classic really and we want to be able to hang the pictures up, look at it in 50 years and not cringe one bit… Would be sure to update the blog once we are done.

I think some couples go way over the top with engagement shoots, but who am I to have an opinion yea? Just like them we are going with what we feel comfortable with …Here are few of the jaw dropping shoots we found on the internet in our search…


Photo By Ricky Middlesworth Culled from


Photo by Uncorked Studio Culled from


Photo By Chris Stratton Photography Culled from


Photo by Michael Novo Photography culled from

As much as we think these photos are a bit OTT we applaud their bravery.

We also absolutely lovee all the photographs on this post 50 Really Cute Engagement Photo Ideas…Very infectious photos, so if you like us have been poring over the internet for pose ideas….You’re welcome 😉


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