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Nah I wasn’t on a real aircraft or have gone to aviation school..hahaha!….Walked pass the Emirates Aviation Centre in Greenwich every week so far. Always thought it was just about their cable cars (as per ‘busy walker’). This week I found out they had an experience centre too. The entrance fee was a fiver…I was in like…..
IMG_5279For £5 you get to see what happens behind the scenes (on an impressive large video wall) between the moment a flight lands and when it is ready to take off for the next flight..This process is called ‘Turnaround’.

On display were infographics of  the turnaround for an Airbus A380 aircraft. You can also play a turnaround game to get a sense of what needs to be done immediately a flight lands…Towing, Attaching the ramp, Deboarding, Cleaning the Plane..e.t.c. (Enjoyed the game a bit to much and forgot to take a picture of it soz) New found respect for Ground staff after experiencing this.

Also on display was a surround cinema where viewers get to see behind the scenes of the extensive and cutting edge baggage handling system in Dubai’s Airport. That system is so complex to me, still wondering how all the bags end up at the right destination most of the time!IMG_5272Then the best part…They have flight simulators! This made me go in but the price…the priceee! hahaha! £60 is actually not so terrible but on that day I was not prepared to part with it…Some day soon..

You get to choose between the Boeing B777 or Airbus A380; pick an airport of your choice, time of the day, weather condition and you get to simulate a take off and landing with the help of a trained staff for 30 minutes. The very kind staff on duty that day tipped that the A380 was a better simulation. (If i remember correctly, please ask if you go)IMG_5277If you like me are not quite ready to part with £60 for a 30 minutes flight simulation. There is a dummy cockpit with sounds and loads of buttons you can ooh and aaah at, explore and take pictures in it. Looks pretty decent doesn’t it???… Click Here to view a tiny clip.

I have enjoyed flying but the older I get…with all the terrible air accidents happening now and then, I increasingly dread flying. Simulating one can perhaps help me remember it is still the safest way to travel right? …. gaah!  (:|

From the flight deck…over and out! (C’mon I had to add something like that to this post)  :-p

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