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img_9109img_9111img_9105img_9103img_9108img_9115img_9099img_9112img_9102Joined on a trip to Donut Heaven on Sunday with some heavy donut addicts to a pop-up donut store called Fryd (Oslo’s original donuts). The lines were long and the people in it scared the donuts will run out before their turn, and I was there curiously wondering as per usual…

562 donuts were sold off in an hour, there was also a limit to the amount of donuts each person could buy to ensure there was enough to go round… talk about demand!

Got to say them donuts are probably the best I have had in a while., or may be ever? Not too sure but i’ll easily eat 5 of her donuts at a go without struggle…which is a donut feat for me to achieve really!

The owners Taylor and Jørgen partner and pop up at venues to sell their donuts till they open up their own store which I read will be happening late in 2017. They are also very much involved in the coffee business…

Chose to go for the Oreo Donut only  (you can never go wrong with Oreo), after my first bite I quickly wished I had not been so careful. Their donuts are not heavy in flour/mix. It was light, fluffy and just tasted good.

Since finding Oslo’s original donuts thanks to my addict friends,  I have followed them @Fryd on Instagram and Facebook and looking forward to trying more of their donuts in the future. If she was my first donut experience I might be an addict fidgeting in line too…may be!

You should follow @Fryd on social media too…who knows, one day they might pop up around a corner close to you.

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