Humanity is amazing… What we have achieved and created since we have occupied this planet is phenomenal. I have been thinking lately about where it all starts….Creation… as a thought in the mind.

Look around you real quick…do you realise everything you see around you was once a thought…an idea floating around in someones head? We get an idea, ponder on it, throw it around in our mind…Then we speak it out.

We speak our thoughts into the atmosphere, run it by other people, think on it a little more, make decisions and then act on it. I have been thinking a lot on how much of a big role ‘words and thoughts’ have played in creating and shaping our world and future.

My first employer had this unique way of ‘calling things forth’. He always spoke out his thoughts and dreams about the future he wanted… He created and shaped his future with his thoughts and words and remarkably I have seen a lot of things he spoke about whilst I was still in his employment come to pass over the years…


I came across this picture on Instagram and thought to share it on here because it pretty much sums up what I have been thinking  about words and thoughts. We shape our world with our words which are basically spoken thoughts. I believe strongly this is how this world operates…

Everything that exists in our physical world  was once a thought in a humans head, to bring it into reality they had to speak it out into the atmosphere, to themselves or other people’s hearing…then action followed it; Their actions and the universe’s conspiring to help them. Imagine if we couldn’t speak, if we couldn’t articulate our ideas and thoughts?

I am making a more conscious effort to watch my words and thoughts these days, because a lot of things I thought about myself in the past has come to pass….My present reality was once a thought in my head…I am choosing positive thoughts and words to create my future.

You should too…x



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