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It’s been almost four months that we submitted our application to the UDI – [Norwegian Immigration] and my emotions now go from being happy because we might not have to wait 6, 8 or 10 months for the applications to be processed to sad cause we might be waiting for 18 months.

We got engaged on Valentines day this year. It was weird and lovely all at the same time. We had known we wanted to partner in life for a while but decided to take time out to understand our cultures, backgrounds and visit each other’s families, which we did over a period of two years.

Life has been in limbo for us pretty much since 2012; shuttling between London, Lagos, Oslo and Liverpool [Love these cities], working flexible jobs instead of permanent ones so I can up and leave when I need too and for however long I wish too amongst others. So in February we were really excited to finally take the step to living together permanently. We applied for the Norwegian Fiance Permit and realised after we had applied that they had a 18 months waiting period which they are blaming on a back-log.

18 MONTHS! This destroyed us to say the least, we have gone from regretting our decision to apply[continue long distance instead] to accepting this step as inevitable since we chose Oslo as our base. The question which I ask every morning I have woken up since submitting is why 18months Norway?

I cannot understand how it would take any modern organisation in 2015, 18 months to attend to immigration applications! Note that this does not apply to complicated or difficult applications; No! A complete and valid application also takes 18 months or even more to attend to. We had expected it to take 3-6 months for complete and valid applications and a maximum of 9 months in cases of complications as is the practice of the immigration authorities of her neighbouring european countries.

The next to none or vague explanations on the website and in their emails is very ridiculous. I am almost convinced it is a leeway for the organisation to do things the way they want, and at their own pace and time or perhaps a tactic to frustrate people. This however is a service we paid good money for, we are not begging for a favour, No! Rules have been set down, we are abiding by them and have submitted an application which should be treated promptly. These are peoples lives they are handling and not just ‘stories on paper’.

I comfort myself with other people’s stories I find on the internet who have been waiting like us and even longer than us. As frustrating as the wait is we are closer to finally being able to live together. These thoughts are the rays of sunshine through this cloud. We relish in them but sometimes it gets hard, we really just want to be together.

We have as little as two to four months to go or as much as 10 or 14 months to go, who knows? we just have to find ways to cope with waiting for he UDI to make up its mind really.


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  • Reply Oluwatoyin 10/08/2017 at 7:14 pm

    Hi! I admire your personality. To be honest, I have been stalking you and your account since I saw your wedding pictures and the captions. I must commend your intellectualism. You are really good and I love your style. I am a great fan of yours. If you get to see this, I hope we get to have a ‘model-fan’ chat. And I must add! I am from Ondo state too!

    • Reply Calebs Girl 18/08/2017 at 8:33 am

      Hi Ondo Girl,

      Thank you..I am just being me really!…x

  • Reply Re.Le Gallery… – calebsgirl 16/09/2015 at 5:39 pm

    […] an obsession with all things white now… Can’t wait to decorate our home once I get to Oslo … Excited […]

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