Comfort Zones…


Comfort zones are tricky…Half of the time we do not realise the reason we are not moving ahead is simply cause we have gotten comfortable!

We all have dreams and aspirations and we are told to go for them, not to give up when things get tough…to keep trying and soon our dreams will come true and boy do things get tough! Some of them out of our control. Before facing challenges that are out of our control we usually first deal with ourselves and our self-limitations. You know with the devil within…

Comfort zones…gosh I love my comfort zones…the familiar, If the worlds system was run differently I would just stay where I am comfortable and never stretch myself, but we all know the world does not work that way.

They are our points of exhaling…You know that point you get to on a hike where you pause to  catch your breathe? thats what comfort zones are like…they are meant for pausing to tie your shoe lace, catch your breathe and drink some water. The thing is though we get a little too comfortable when we pause…we pause, catch our breathe and take a look at the view and think not a bad view, lets just stay here a little while.

Staying in your comfort zone is fine if you do not have more you want to achieve, but if you set out to get to the peak you cannot let yourself get convinced that point you are is the best…is ok, truth is you know within yourself you can do better! You have to keep going, you have to endure the pain, stress, anxiety, and tears to get to the top.

I have struggled and still struggle with identifying comfort zones along life’s journey. Now a days though I have realised more and more that to get ahead in anything in life you have take yourself out of your comfort zone first and as simple as it sounds it is very very difficult, why?….because you are comfortable!

So for an introvert you might have to speak up a little bit more, for an extrovert you might have to learn how to not be the centre of attention. For a finance guru you might need to become more creative or arty! I certainly know a thing about this in my current job. I have a lot of talking to do and anyone who knows me well knows that is not a thing I enjoy very much of. I am far from perfect on this job, in fact half of the time I feel foolish… but thing is I have done things I thought I will not be able to do and in the process stretched myself a little more, leant a new thing or two about myself.

You see when you decide to shake out of your comfort zone to take on a new challenge, you still might not succeed in it…but then you know you gave it all you got and thats not failing. That to me is learning. You have stretched your mind, body and soul and in the process learnt a lesson and gained experience… No one can take that away from you.

Isn’t that what life is all about…experience? So ask yourself if you are in a comfort zone… Forget Fear…shake it out…shake it out! Keep pushing yourself out of comfort zones.

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  • Reply sefua 05/09/2016 at 8:25 am

    I enjoyed your piece and learnt too! Thanks, more Wisdom I pray God to give thee to keep impacting lives……

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