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Coldplay AHFOD TOUR 2016


Coldplay is one of the greatest bands ever! I am a conscious music lover….and their music does it for me…Seeing them live though is an experience on a whole other level. Magical! I called that night belting out my favourite Cold Play song ever; Fix You with the whole stadium lit up nothing but Magic!

IMG_6555Before that night every time I listened to their music I dreamt about hearing it and seeing them perform it live! I am overjoyed that it has happened. Followed the ‘A Head Full Of Dreams Tour’ dates…marked out their playing dates in London…Got last minute released tickets and off I and my friend went.IMG_6562The only thing our brains registered on the tickets was ‘standing’. So we went early to try to get good spots to stand (I am not When the doors opened boy were we glad to see seats! It was then we looked at the tickets again and read carefully…’unreserved seats and pitch standing‘…. So we had the option to seat or stand on the pitch. We got seats close to the stage and our wait for Coldplay began. Can I say level 1 seats are the best? Now I have a better understanding of wembley for next time.

Took a picture of our seats and sent to my cousin who was at work and she immediately went on to find last minute tickets which she and a friend got! They hurried down and we became a group of four…Fantastic! They were so glad they came.IMG_6564IMG_6587IMG_6566 IMG_6574 IMG_6571The stadium filled up quickly…We had Alessia Cara and Lianne La Havas as opening acts…I enjoyed both performances but think I will keep an ear open for Lianne La Hava’s music! The weather became poor and it rained a little but our seats were under the shade so we didn’t get wet. Got some food, my cousin and friend arrived and the energy in the stadium was electric!

IMG_6605 IMG_6591 IMG_6597 IMG_6594IMG_6586

Most of Coldplay’s music is about Life, Humanity, Happiness, Love and Acceptance… things that are dear to my heart. Was pleasantly surprised but not so surprised that we all got Love Button badges at the entrance…Such a lovely thing to do don’t you think? It was all about LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! not just the romantic type but also love for a friend, for someone who despises you, love for humanity…The most powerful force on earth… LOVE! Going to be wearing my badges to remind myself to be kind to everyone…even to the unkind…It is hard but we must rise above them and Love conquers all!IMG_6736IMG_6577We also got wristbands that were synced with the music and lit up in the different colours as the music changed pace and tone.IMG_6590 IMG_6608 IMG_6606Then around 8:30PM the stage was re-arranged for coldplay! The energy in the stadium was amaaziiiing! The band was introduced by their fans via a video showing their fans from different parts of the world saying hello to us at wembley the last two fans to speak on the video were two people who arrived wembley very early and waited for the doors to open in the rain. That was so lovely! I’ve got a couple of videos to share but my template/wordpress won’t allow large files sadly…(click here for a longer video on my Facebook page)….will shut up now and let the videos speak (but my voice in the videos wouldn’t sorry! Just had to sing along)…enjoy!

The night was magical! If I could afford it I would go again and again and again! They interacted with us, took fan song requests from social media, had a tribute session to Muhammad Ali and David Bowie, and sent good wishes to the victims of the Orlando shooting.IMG_6650 IMG_6620 IMG_6719 IMG_6684 IMG_6676 IMG_6695We sang together in a lit up stadium with confetti, balloons and bubbles in the air…So Magical! They performed almost all their hits amongst which was ‘Fix You‘ my most favourite to date. Then it was time to go…No one wanted to leave that stadium! There was a sense of sadness as we all made our exist…IMG_6708IMG_6706 IMG_6713Coldplay is truly one of the greatest bands to ever happen, their music is not garbage…every song is well thought out and has made a positive impact on many lives! They are all about the music!…If you are a fan and have not seen them live I wish along with you that you get to see them live one day soon…. Truly a magical experience…xIMG_6703

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