Climbing Bessegen!


Heigh ho! heigh ho! us 19 were off to climb Bessegen last Saturday and man oh man that was one adventure for this city girl! Going on hikes is a very very very Norwegian thing to do… Norwegians are outdoorsy! I think Nigerians are too…in a roof top bar, pool, pent house club, roof top spa typa way…hahaha!

We joined the trip with 17 other people from Oslo up to Vågå Oppland in Norway. The drive from the city took about 4hours. Bessegen is a mountain ridge that lies between two lakes Gjende and Bessvatnet. The Bessegen hike is one of the most popular mountain hikes in Norway and it attracts a good number of hikers each year from home and abroad (60,000).

As a mountain hike freshie I had to get new hiking shoes (tursko in norwegian) as well as the appropriate hiking gear for the trip. A tip I got before was to get shoes that have ankle support… This was super helpful! Grateful for that! The hike usually takes between 5-7hours to walk and climb! We did it in 8hrs30mins with breaks. Without breaks? 6-7hours active walking (good work out).IMG_2994 IMG_3002IMG_3090We woke up early, had breakfast, packed a lunch pack (matpakke) and jumped on the ferry from the west end (Gjendeosen) to the east (Memubru) and then walked back from the east end to the west. It was a circa 13.3km hike back…longest walk in my life! Our accommodation Gjendesheim Lodge was at the foot of the west end of the hike trail (Gjeneosen) the food was awesome (still dreaming of the smoked deer)! Not too sure about their bunk bends but it did its job! If you are to go on this hike then I’ll recommend you take the same route. Why? Walking with the lodge as the end destination was a mighty motivation for those times i thought i couldn’t go on… Like I kept walking and peeping down to see how far away we were…lol

It was also really rough at the west end of the hike. I couldn’t imagine how tired I will have been if we started there! (There was a point were we had to hold on to a chain fastened into the rocks to come over. This part was the worst!IMG_3137IMG_3004 IMG_3007 IMG_3013 IMG_3020 IMG_3006IMG_3144 IMG_3156 IMG_3153 IMG_3023 IMG_3050IMG_3029 IMG_3024 IMG_3138 IMG_3150IMG_3088 IMG_3085IMG_3057 IMG_3046 IMG_3043 IMG_3037 IMG_3035 IMG_3062 IMG_3064 IMG_3061 IMG_3040 IMG_3058 IMG_3060 IMG_3141 IMG_3017 IMG_3015IMG_3089IMG_3071Great weather conditions, good supplies of chococlate (kvikk lunsj), candy, crisp, nuts, hot cocoa and good people on the trip made the experience all the more better. It took two days for my body to recover…will i do it again? Yes but not a mountain like Bessegen!

If conquering yourself or mountains in this case is your thing… then book your flights/visa/accomodation e.t.c. and make your way to Bessegen.

The nature from up there is beautiful. The fresh natural mountain spring!!! This was one my best part… The water tasted different! I really wished i had a cart and empty bottles to take more with me… Best time to go I believe will be in the summer, without rain or snow or fog…I really do not know how/if I will have made it with rain or snow or fog… I do know i will have been a pain for everyone else on the trip though…hahaha!

P.S….Shallaaat BC Crew for involving us!


Click image for information on The Bessegen Hike! 🙂

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