Cleanse: Juiced A Beetroot…


Ok may be 3…. :p Beetroot a.k.a Beet, is a tap root rich in fibre, potassium and manganese. Its natural high fibre content aids the liver in detoxifying the body of toxins and harmful substances a.k.a cleansing the body. Beets can be purple, white or gold….

They have been popping up in my research on healthy vegetables to juice but I did not have courage enough to try it…it just looked too advanced and bitter for me…hahaha

Well last weekend I stopped in the supermarket and as I was walking past the vegetable Isle one little bag of beets sat there staring at me…I checked out with it and here I am now sharing my new veggie find.

So although the internet says it is a sweet veggie/fruit? I think its not too sweet…At least the bunch I got…It is definitely not bitter either…If i had known that all this while I would have tried it. My blender was also not so strong to blend it till very smooth so drinking it with bits is also making it hard for me to get used to… You might want to blend for very long till smooth.

Found a simple Beet, Ginger, Apple Juice recipe online and tried it….I blended 3 small beets, a whole ginger, 3 medium sized baby carrots and poured in Apple Juice (There were no apples at the store last weekend). Blended the beet and ginger first…then added the carrots last…used the juice to blend them all.

I put too much ginger in this blend so drinking it has not been a walk in the park. It is also very filling. Each time i have a glass I can go without eating for a while.

I hope to feel changes in my body soon…I sure do feel healthier already..x

Be sociable..share with someone this might interest. 😉

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