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Chef – 5 Reasons To See It.


Watched Chef last year and it has become one of my favourite movies of all time. Here’s a brief summary of the start of the movie first before I list my 5 reasons to see it.


‘Chef is a 2014 movie about Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) the head chef at a restaurant in Los Angeles whose wings are being clipped by the restaurant owner who wants Carl to stick to his classic menu. Carl has newer fresher menu ideas but has to follow orders. 

Food Critic & Blogger; Ramsey Michel comes over to the restaurant and leaves a negative review about Carl’s menu…He found it boring and didn’t spare the words in expressing his disappointment.

Carl’s son introduces him to twitter and Carl who is not tech/social media friendly mistakenly responds to Ramsey’s remarks on Twitter not knowing it goes public. In his response he challenges Ramsey to come in again to try his new menu but again restaurant owner refuses to allow him cook it.

He quits and goes home. Ramsey shows up at the restaurant again that evening and is very much surprised the same boring menu he negatively reviewed is being served to him again. So he goes on twitter and expresses his disappointment there again directing his tweets at Carl.

Carl gets very upset, goes to the restaurant and has a complete total meltdown, screaming at Ramsey…and of course it got on youtube. He then agrees to a trip with his ex-wife(mother to his son) to Miami and that really is where the adventure begins.’

5 Reasons To watch Chef

Power Of Social Media.

This movie shows you the amazing power of social media and how to use it right. Carl’s meltdown got him on youtube and he became popular all over america. He gets a food truck and everyone wants to come try his food! Social media gives us all the opportunity to our uniqueness with the world. Whatever you do thats what worth sharing…Share on social media. Click here to see Carl’s Meltdown.

Never Give Up.

Loved how Carl kept it going…Took some pushing from his ex-wife and son, but he took the little he had, got a food truck and kept going and it ended very well for him in his personal and professional life.

 Simple Storyline.

The storyline for this movie is as simple as it gets. You know those movies you watch that does not require you using too much of your brain cells? and in the end still has deep lessons that resound in you days after you watched it? This is one of those.


Food Food Foodie.

If you love good food, you will love Chef. The visualisation and colour of the food in it was amazeballs..I was hungry after this movie…I really liked the Mexican/Latin menu focus in this movie…I have always loved ‘creating’ food and this movie made me fall more in love with the cooking process all over again. I loved all the cooking scenes, the equipments…hit here to see this clip i found on youtube Chef Food Scenes That grilled cheese toast breakfast he made for his son looked divine, Wished the sandwiches on the food truck were real….. I considered starting a food truck business after.


Carl’s Truck

The Road Trip.

Carl struggled in his relationship with his son. I believe he felt he had not been a good Dad to him and to avoid disappointing him he tries to avoid spending time with him. His ex wife allows the kid to go on the road trip with him and we see them form a new bond. Carl finds himself on the trip and now that he is freely cooking his new recipe’s, he is able to allow himself a healthy relationship with his kid. Click here to see one of their bonding moments…


Overall the movie leaves you hungry and with a feeling of endless possibilities of what you can eat and life in general, hehehe!… If you have a dream go after it one step at at time. 😉

The jazz/blues/latino soundtrack was also a hit…x


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