Chania – Old Venetian Port – Crete, Greece


Narrow cobbled-stoned shopping streets, old buildings, craft and jewellery shops, the markets, history; venetian port built by Italians as a fort and trade point in the 14th Century and of course the smell of the sea. Chania is one of Greece most photographed cities. Go if not for the enchanting views of the old venetian harbour (venice vibes), then for its tavernas, cafes and restaurants serving local food and fresh sea-food greek style, washed down with shots of Ouzo or Raki. Beautiful memories <3IMG_0112 IMG_0118IMG_0115IMG_0117IMG_0120 IMG_0119 IMG_0124IMG_0127IMG_0125IMG_0089IMG_0095 IMG_0096IMG_0129IMG_8497 IMG_8495 IMG_8513 IMG_8511 IMG_8501 7d266628-8ff1-48e9-b78d-95ebcbcf8c7d IMG_8510IMG_8643IMG_0137IMG_0130

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