Cabaret Circus At The Raunch


Always wanted to go for Cabaret so I jumped at the opportunity for £10.00 to see the world premiere for The Raunch at London Wonderground. I mean it was one of the headline shows so I thought to myself it must be very good right?… After watching this performance I had to pop Cabaret (and other things) into google just to be very sure about the mash up I had just seen.


The Spiegeltent – Where it held


Queue to get in


So to gist you the summary of what I found online; Cabaret is any form of entertainment (Play, Music, Dance) performed in a club/bar like setting where the audience is seated, eating or drinking (This is the Wiki definition, yes I was lazy). This show was however not pure cabaret as I had earlier imagined, it was ‘Cabaret Circus’. . So I got even more entertainment for my £10.00 and also a lot of confusion too.


The Spiegeltent

It had magic tricks in it, some aerial circus performances and a little burlesque. A lot of language, nudity and sexual references (the music was also spot on in these areas). The story line was weak for me, but perhaps cabaret focuses more on the theatricals as opposed to the actual story…What do I know? I also really loved the use of technology in it. The Spiegeltent where it held was set up round like a circus but it was a little too small for me and the stage a bit too low, but again what does this newbie know?

160505_the_raunch_webThe Raunch is a bar set in the wild wild west. Fancy Chance( lady in the black and gold on the right) duped the people and is now wanted to face trial. She was one of my favourite acts of the night. I loved her aerial performance. and really wonder how she pulled off swinging by a hook attached to her hair and the ceiling. She got caught(soz for the spoiler) and Empress Stah a.k.a. the bad sheriff (lady with the whip in centre) challenged her to a tits off battle.


Now this involved them going topless with their nipples covered only with fabric with tassels attached to it. That was hilarious! I found the bad sheriff’s body very stiff though. I remember when they all turned back to shake their booty…was like what where is this bootay the music is taking about??? hahahaha (make sure you are not looking at your phone when this is one)

Back to the bad sheriff, her best performance was her aerial act…She was marvellous, smooth, light as a feather. She also had on the world’s first and only laser buttplug…(thats what the program called it) I didn’t even know such a style existed before that day.Peaches-Light-In-Places

Was so much fun seeing it but now thinking about it…It just doesn’t sound right..hahaha! She basically had light coming out of her butt up on the swing(that what they are called?). Was beautiful to watch though, she looked like a peacock up there with a rainbow shooting out of her tush…hahaha. Seriously if you want a reason to see The Raunch do it for the laser buttplug…hahah! Is this what burlesque is like?


My other two favourite acts of the night were My Bad Sister and Mr Teds. My Bad Sisters were not just sisters on the show but real life twins off the show (The two ladies in the centre wearing hats in pic3). The looked exactly the same. I enjoyed their singing, choreographed steps and tap-dancing a bit too much..So much so I wished I could fast forward/rewind every scene to theirs…well except for Mr Teds. He was great! I loved all his scenes especially his first scene with the human puppet.


If you have managed to read this post up to this point congratulations! Take a bow…You are now at the end! hahaha, if ever The Raunch is playing in your city, watch it for cabaret, burlesque and circus rolled up in one show! If you are new to the world of cabaret you might get lost a couple of times and wonder what this is all about, but do not worry! hold on! note down your issues and ask google after! The crucial thing is not to take it too serious! This is a major key in these types of productions.

On a serious note though I did enjoy this rodeo rocking cabaret, it was funny and interesting, the sword swallowing tricks were amazing too. I am still interested in seeing pure cabaret and burlesque and of course go to a proper circus, might try another show whilst wonder ground is still open.

I think this show is good for newbies like me…Was just pure effortless (on my brains part) entertainment! 😀 Cabaret Circus and laser buttplugs *hot tears* …learnt something new again guys…x

P.S. The show is not suitable for children. 


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