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Bridget Jones – Mad About The Boy


I have just finished reading the third and final Bridget Jones Book Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding. I heard the announcement about the book from one of her social media accounts and I was really looking forward to catching up with Bridget. If you do not want to know what happened then stop reading after this full stop  .

Bridget Jones is an Icon and reference point for so many women and sometimes I forget she is not real, Helen did a superb job in my opinion with the first two stories. If you are reading this and have not read the books or seen the movies then you might need to do that to understand Mad about The Boy but to give you a brief idea; Bridget is a single woman looking for love, imperfect in every way…sucking at many things in life but great at some.

The books are literally her diary where she documents very important things like new year resolutions and unimportant things like her alcohol consumption…lol. She lets us into her thoughts, her secrets, fears and her life in her diaries. Helen Fielding wrote Bridget to be relate-able to every woman. I mean I think I am in better control of my life than Bridget, but now and then I think somewhere in me lies a little Bridget. May be the clumsy part of her…lol

9780099584438Ok to the story, In Mad About The Boy Bridget is now 51…and Mark the love of her life has passed away! When I read this I honestly could not see what the rest of the book could possibly be about. She is struggling with coping with Marks death and taking care of Mabel and Billy; Bridget is a mom now and Mr Wallaker a teacher at their school is not cutting her any slack. This bits were really sad and you can trust that Bridget is a total mess because of this.

Everywhere she goes she is reminded of Mark and her friends intervene and say it is time for her to get back into the market again, this would be how Mark would have wanted her to be, to be happy! After one or two unsuccessful dates and browsing sessions on in true Bridget style she joins Twitter and meets Roxter on there. Roxter and Bridget hit it off, they start to see each other and she starts to feel alive again… but things don’t go so well because he is 20 years younger! Her Tomboy…Gaah!

She does end up happy but not the way I expected. This book was glorious and disappointing at the same time. Glorious because having Bridget back is better than nothing at all, disappointing because Bridget was portrayed as a stupidly helpless woman in her 5os. I mean she has always been helpless and struggling to keep it all together, but she did so in a sweet cute and still smart kinda way. I found myself bored a couple of times in the book I must confess…especially the ‘Leaves in her hair’ bits! (Please skip these parts if you read)

There were parts that made me tear up like the chapter with her watching Billy perform in the Christmas Concert….but overall Bridget’s humour still kept me laughing throughout the book. It is really sad to say good bye Bridget.

Highly Recommended if you are a true Bridget Fan.

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