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Found some pictures from one time we stayed on the East End of London and thought to share parts of our experience… So In the summer of 2013 we booked a room for a week on AirBnB  around the Whitechapel/Shoreditch area. When we arrived we were surprised at the how multicultural the area was. We had read about the area, but the articles we read did not do it justice.

After settling down we decided to take a walk to get familiar with the area, we noticed the area served a large community of muslims soon as we saw Whitechapel Mosque, one of the biggest I have seen in England so far. We then stumbled on a street that took us out of Western Europe in a second. On the street was a row of indian, south indian, bangladeshi, turkish and chinese restaurants lined up back to back…Brick Lane! Even the street signs were translated…amazing!


The smell of curry filled our nostrils with joy! There and then we thanked God that we made the decision to stay on the East End. I mean who does not like good curry??? :p Prices were also pocket friendly which made our eating decision making process loooong but totally worth it! We were spoilt for choice the rest of our stay…



We walked all the way down and got to The Old Truman Brewery. The ambience changed from ‘CurryVille’ to a ‘hip arty cool crowd vibe’,  the asian restaurants were replaced with cool hip open air bars and lots of music. I remember there was this really cool clothing store behind or around the brewery…My memory not only fails me with the name, I also failed to take a picture :p Anyways somewhere behind the brewery was an open space with food trucks! We stopped for some ‘Hot American Wings +Fries’ at The Orange Buffalo..they were good!

2013-07-16 13.25.23

Foodtrucks21There was more graffiti and street art on the walls as we continued, less curry restaurants, more tattoo shops, vintage stores/markets, record stores and art galleries.Just like it’s name says the shop had an amazing collection of unique vintage clothes, records and hats…If you love vintage check it out if your in the area..x

Very glad I caught the picture above, it perfectly captures the spirit of this area. Quirky, Young, Hip, Arty and Multicultural.

We ended our walk at the Box Park. It opened in 2011 and might close this year according to their website, so you might want to visit before the year runs out if you are already in London. The Box Park is basically a pop-up mall constructed with shipping containers! They decor was in tune with the spirit of the area…Innovative Creative and Quirky. The brands at box park were a mix of the local and global. The ambience was very cool.


Ever so often my mind travels back to this day….You should try to get lost in the Eastern End of London sometime, definitely going for seconds..x


Featured Images Credit: stevecadman/foter/CC BY-NC-SA  LivingTorontoJournal 

Some of The Pictures Used were sourced from the WWW.


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