Happy 2021 everyone! It has been a hot minute since I last wrote a post on here. Like everyone else I have been caught up with life! I also started a podcast called Banter with Abi where I express opinions on topics I find interesting! If you have not already listened in, do so!

I hope you are doing well wherever you are? Sending you love and light.

Like most people, everything shutting down because of the global pandemic did a huge one on me. It also gave me a lot of time to reflect on myself…Who am I? A very difficult question to answer. Especially difficult for me because I am many different things, I keep evolving, and the world we live in is pro boxes and labels, which I have struggled to comply with. I’ve kind of not really fit perfectly into anything, most of my life :-/

If a person walks up to you, introduces themselves and asks: Who are you…what do you say?

What labels have you put on yourself? What boxes have you tucked yourself into? In the world we live in, everyone scrambles to find their “passion” and their “passions” become who they are. Their personal identity. What they believe in, their current interests form their identity.

We often forget we are moving beings, we are on a journey, and who you are today, the things that drive you, the ideals you hold to be true today, might not be here tomorrow. So why are we so quick to attach ourselves to these boxes and label ourselves after them?

The world is moving and changing. Ideas, culture, belief systems, values, ways of life, technology, everything changes! Even the law, governments, politics, agreements. Things rise, and  then they fall. They change and evolve because they are not perfect or complete. Since these things that are external to us are not constant, why do we define ourselves by them?

Before you think to call yourself something, add it to your bio, announce or introduce yourself as this thing. Do know, that it is ok to have passions, be passionate about a thing and not be defined by it. It is ok to love a celebrity without being their “stan.” It is ok to be passionate about a cause without calling yourself whatever that cool hip word for the cause is right now is. Cause that changes too 🙂

Why? We don’t have everything figured out yet. It is also super cool not to be able to fit into  boxes. It is freedom for you (I promise!) Also, once you commit yourself as something, you will be held to whatever standards the world has attached to this thing you have called yourself. Why will you want to tuck yourself into any box?

Yes be passionate about a thing/cause, fight for it, but let it be you fighting for the cause and not you becoming one and the same with the cause. A lot of people struggled in 2020 because some of the things, systems, ideologies that defined them, failed!

Who am I? I asked myself a lot last year…I am me. I am my name. I am from my family. I have these interests, these causes I am passionate about, but I also recognise I am an evolving being, so I am not going to tuck myself into the boxes that have my interests labelled on them. They are not me. They are my interests and passions, at the point I am at right now, on my journey.

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