Big Hair No Care…


No, it is not all my hair… I have the ‘ Big Hair No Care, Clip Ins‘ mixed with my hair and all I can say about them is we were meant to be! I went natural in 2011, not cause I joined the ‘black and proud’ movement, but because I had a shoddy perm done and my hair fell out.IMG_7722 IMG_7729 IMG_7721 IMG_7730As much as I would love to say it has been rainbows and candy since I cut my hair it has not. It has not been an easy journey, my hair is fine(thin)  and although Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain helped a great deal with that, my fro still lacks the type of volume I would love it to have….You know like may be Diana Ross??? (Too much to ask???) 😀

The temptation to get a perm is still as strong as ever but finding fantastic natural hair products like Big Hair No Care every now and then gives that extra push and makes it all worth it…

I have on the Zero Drama Queen Clip Ins in 16 in’. I ordered two bundles but used 1 and quarter of the second bundle. The hair does what it says…It really is drama free 0% human hair which I absolutely love! Feels good to know no one had to shave their head for money!…lol Lord help us 😀

If you like me struggled with wearing your fro out because it lacked volume and just does not look healthy…Try this! I have loved wearing them so far because I get to care for my natural hair and leave it out at the same time and not just hide it under a wig or in braids as I do mostly. What I also love about them is they blend in with all curl patterns; you can style it the way you want for your curls to appear looser or tighter!

You can get it in clip ins and wefts off Antidote Street. I will probably write another post after a while on its durability, but for now i am loving it! If you want to order one or check them out click here. They ship worldwide

Special shout out to Freddie Harrel for forgetting fear and doing this! You just made wearing my natural hair out a whole lot more fun….


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  • Reply Emma 03/11/2016 at 4:41 pm

    Great review, thanks so much. I too want to wear my natural hair a bit more but it’s super thin. These are the perfect solution. Adding them to my Christmas list!

    • Reply Calebs Girl 29/11/2016 at 8:21 pm

      Hi Emma, happy to be of help…Hope you found them..x

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