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Beauty In Heartbreak… Labrinth – Jealous


Artist: Labrinth

Song: Jealous

Album: Take me to the truth

I had youtube on whilst writing my last post and this song came on… I immediately changed windows, listened, replayed replayed and replayed… Where was I when this song made the rounds in 2014?

Raw, pure, heartbreak…in the music, every line and every lyric.

It got me thinking about how much fire there is in unrequited love.

Got me thinking of my first heartbreak..haha! Oh heavens! It kept me up at night and woke me up early in the morning…

I saw it in every ‘love gone sour ‘movie, felt it in every empty call list and unanswered text message, heard it in every love song – It was fire… It was painful but now that I think of it beautiful. The feelings were beautiful, the pain of rejection sour, bitter yet sweet. Loving a person even when they would not feel it back, could not understand it and would not choose you.

Do you remember that heartbreak?

This song captures it all, the video even more (see below). One of the most beautiful songs I have heard and oh so beautifully written and sung…

Fave lyrics.

I’m jealous of the rain, that falls upon your skin’

It’s close than my hands have been’

I’m jealous of the rain’

I’m jealous of the love’

Love that was in here’

Gone for someone else to share’

I’m jealous of the love’

As I sink in the sand’

Watch you slip through my hands’

Oh, as I die here another day, yeah’

Cause all I do is cry beneath this smile’

I wished you the best of all this world could give’

And I told you when you left me, theres nothing to forgive’

but I always thought you come back and tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery,

It is hard for me to say, I am jealous of the way you are happy without me.

(You can stop the auto mp3 at the top)

(You can stop the auto mp3 at the top)

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