Odd, charming and unique. This is how I’ll describe Amsterdam. Odd because the people, amsterdamers are so sooo random! Amsterdam is a like magnet for the eccentric from all over the world! I honestly thought I took a lot more pictures, but I guess I was living in the moment, which is wonderful for me :X


Its house boats, architecture, flower markets, signature old, narrow, leaning buildings, 100+ man made canals, 800,000+ bicycles, cute little bridges, red light district and of course, le coffee shops make it unique and charming!

IMG_1824IMG_1827 IMG_1835 IMG_6664IMG_1808

IMG_1801 IMG_1798

The city is built on water, most of the buildings stand on stilts, so the city does have a bit of a sinking problem. I learned on our canal tour this is also the reason why some of the houses lean on each other.IMG_6551Our guide suggested to not forget to look up when touring Amsterdam. An excellent pro-tip for me as I was fascinated with the gables on the buildings around the canal!23161276

Loved loved Loved the bell and step gables the most, and I am gutted I did not get a good shot of them, but luckily found pictures online 😀1I noticed most of the old houses have a crane/hook built into their gables, our guide let us know it was to help transport heavy/large things up into the house. Why? because the stairs inside are too narrow! We also learned the houses were built to have more windows than walls on purpose, because windows are lighter! (to help reduce the weight on water). Houses with shutters in the centre were workhouses/factories like this one in the middle!

IMG_6740Beautiful city in the winter, can only imagine what it look like in the summer or spring!


You know those old charming cities you have read or heard about in a fairytale, sunny and greeen but also dark and grim… like a chique Gotham City, that is Amsterdam’s vibe… at least to me!


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