Ain’t no feeling like being freeeeeeee!


I cannot believe how long it has been since I was on my blog. It has been a while but I am happy to be back. Sheesh life got busy!

Freedom! it has been floating around in my thoughts for a while now and has sent me back to my blog.

…There’s a saying: the only way to live is free (its an actual saying right…?), well what i do know for sure is a lot of us are walking around under the illusion that we are free. We think all we have done so far, where we are right now and who we are, are results of our own decisions. We are under the illusion we are free.

I took sociology for A-levels and although i did not do so well at the end of it, i always enjoyed our discussions about how ‘the person’ is formed/shaped by their social group and practices. We are a product of our surroundings and are heavily influenced by what we see and hear. We are born with some inherent unique characteristics yes, but the rest of what makes us, us has been picked up on our journey.

Humans…we are like sponges and keep soaking things up… These things we soak up shape us and influence our decisions, a lot of times without us even noticing. A lot of our thoughts are not originally ours, a lot of our decisions have been heavily influenced by something we saw or something we heard someone say… Think about it.

What is your thought process like when you consider a thing, a decision? Do you approach it empty of any prior thought or idea you have heard/seen somewhere or not… Are you able to consider it empty of any preconceived ideas like…Ok what is this thing? How does this work? How can this be of benefit to me? Is this good for me? Can I do this? and then arrive at your own unique opinion and decision, or do you approach it full of the juice of all you have soaked up about it?

Are your thought patterns more like…Oh yea..this thing…I’ve seen it here and that person said this about it, perhaps it is only for those kind of people, can I try it? Is it for me? i heard it only works for these kind of people…Do I fit into that category? I heard it is best for people like me? It should work for me cause of what that person said? How will i be perceived if i do it? Will i fit in?… Do you squeeze all you have picked up about that thing out and then allow these ideas guide you into their own decision?

Do you decide based on you….what you think, what you want, what you think is best for you…or do you sign up for what other people have decided is good for you. What do you consider just before making a decision…What is your thought process?

You know how people wake up one morning and suddenly feel unfulfilled…even after having done everything right, after doing everything exactly the way ‘they’ were supposed to do it. They have been waking up as normal every day but one morning everything is different. They wake up on another level and realise they have been asleep. They have been doing things, making decisions…but not arrived at doing those things out of their own unique thought.

They made decisions yes but the ideas for those decisions were not theres, they agreed to someone else’s ideas and it guided them into a decision…The ideas that were considered in arriving at these decisions were not theirs. So they wake up after going to that school, earning that degree, marrying that person, having those kids and suddenly realise… Did i want any of these?

Then they start to look for freedom…

So I guess my question to you today is are you awake…and are you free?

Are you really truly free?


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