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My Night With Ms. Lauryn Hill…


Last weekend I got to see Ms. Lauryn Hill perform live in Lagos and the daze I was left in has still not completely worn off. The show started very late. [not sure who to blame for that] After a long wait she finally came on the stage…She cut her dreads now and she looked much younger than 40. She sat with her band and started the concert. Her artistry is in a class of its own. Ms Lauryn Hill is a creative diva! where the sounds or light were not right, it showed immediately in her demeanour.


She opened with I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind off her MTV Unplugged Series and sang other songs from the unplugged series sitting, her voice as sonorous and soothing as ever. Her energy and the synergy between her and her band magical, her moves…the synchronisation of light and music were simply  mesmerising.


She got up and the tempo and mood followed suit. The second part of her concert was the performance of hit tracks off the timeless ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill‘ and of course some  Bob Marley classics. Being the creative artist that she is, she used different musical compositions for most of the songs.

She kicked off with a reggae composition of Ex Factor , next up was a funk-up beat rendition of Lost Ones. Then she went into the Fugees era with an upbeat-reggae fusion of Ooh La La La. She however maintained the original composition for Ready or Not.

Next she performed and upbeat version of hers/Fugees most popular and best selling song yet [in my opinion] ‘Killing me softly‘. This and To Zion were my favourite performances of the evening… I tried to upload some of my recordings but they were to heavy. Please check my Instagram account for short clips.

Off her only one album are timeless hits thanks to her creative artistry. I love how she loves her craft, Ms.Hill belongs to a group of musicians that have managed to stay true to the essence of their music. Most of them do not meet the benchmarks of success set by the industry but have succeeded in sharing their beautiful souls and artistry in music.

Throughout the concert you could see and feel Ms. Hills emotions, seeing her live is one thing off my bucket list, worth the long wait!

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