A Day At Ascot…


Some times unplanned trips are the best! So I decided to go watch and bet on horse racing at Ascot with a small party and also for my dear friends 30th birthday last weekend! It was the Victoria’s Cup and second and last race for May. Next races will be at the Royal Ascot i believe.

I’ve always fancied the thought of me at Ascot…Hello, Pip Pip Cheerio, I’m all posh now…hahahah! So it was a no brainer that I jumped on it really. The weather was very beautiful by the way…Such a perfect May day.

We booked tickets  for the King Edward VII enclosure on their website, hunted for the perfect dress and hat, got our train tickets and were off!


Badges and Tickets



Due to some maintenance work there was no direct train service to Ascot so we had to make a change at Weybridge.  The South West train went weird at Virginia Water(s); it stopped for about 10-15 minutes and started to move in the reverse direction as if going back to London…but it led to Ascot…Same bizarre thing happened on the way back.

One thing I noticed on the train was people were very quickly irritated…and jumpy! Londoners why so irritable??? Think I will do a post on this soon….anyways we got there after missing the first race at about 2pm.



Us with the Birthday Boy

Ok before today I must confess I did not know the entire town was called Ascot! I always thought it was the event alone called Ascot! Also I just understood there are many other races there apart from the grand Royal Ascot.  So I learnt a few new things about this British social event this weekend. We got some drinks, found some seats and settled down for the next race.

We had to keep our badges on throughout..Strict Rules on it too..

Loosened up

After our first race we explored the grounds a bit, placed some bets and lost badly..haha, I gained some understanding into weighing the odds and all but honestly I think it all boils down to a good 6th sense, perhaps some insider information and a lot of good luck. Click here to see video.


Reaction to our first race :-D

Perfect May weather

Can you spot the Royal Box?

We did not win any bets we placed…Not so bad for rookies yea???..hahaha, well that did not dampen our spirits as we joined the crowds for some entertainment by an Elton Jon and Rolling Stones Tribute Band….at this point my phone died so could not take any more pictures. We missed the beatles tribute band which was a real shame for me…

Gorgeous Ro

Did I mention I loved look?

Going to linger on in my memory this one….We had a beautiful day at Ascot, met interesting people on the train including Sam Baker…(Hi Sam [if you did get around to checking out my blog], your photography is amazing)… and we would definitely return to the Ascot, perhaps the royal one one day with a bigger party…

Why so sore Mr EggCorn!

Loved betting, watching the race, cheering the horses on, watching the crowd cheer them on and dancing with strangers…

Tots worth the hastle..x

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  • Reply iwalewa 13/05/2016 at 9:15 am

    See my Buss Buss. I want the dress and hat……

  • Reply Olusegun Femi-Ishola 09/05/2016 at 1:50 pm

    That’s how to join the ‘posh’ league! Now even more motivated to visit Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, someday. First time checking out your Blog Mam. Tasteful with very good content. Best wishes.

    • Reply Calebs Girl 09/05/2016 at 4:30 pm

      Hiiii Según..been so long! thanks for stopping by and yes being ‘posh’ for one day was fun and an eye opener…you should give it a try!

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