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Spent my weekend on a group cabin trip to the mountains…Specifically Monsetertoppen in Hafjell… The nature up there was breathtaking. Freezing temperatures but beautiful snow capped views and a pleasant group made it all worth it… Did not attempt skiing or snow boarding though…I wasn’t reaaaaddyyyy (financially too, haha), went for short hikes with plans in my head for snowboarding the next time I go up there! Going on cabin trips to the mountains also known as ‘Hyttetur’ in norwegian is a…

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Adventure Journal

Happy Norway Day!


Norway signed its constitution into law which made it an independent kingdom from Sweden on May 17 1814…17Mai (May 17)  is known as Norwegian National Day and celebrated annually as a public holiday by Norwegians both home and abroad. We got to celebrate together at Southwark Park and not Oslo…special shout out to the UDI for making this day possible… haha…Anyways Hipp! Hipp! Hurra! Had my first Syttende Mai (May 17) experience!!! The day is marked with a lot of partying, champagne breakfasts, parades, cakes, ice…

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Norwegian B1…Woop!


Hallo, Hei, now when I listen to someone speaking Norwegian my brain does not convert from English to Norsk (Norwegian) as much as it used too…I am getting good at this and it feels so good! About two weeks ago my tutor Inger Marie gave me some tests to check if  I was good to move from beginners to intermediate Norwegian and I passed them all…So exciting. So now I am on Intermediate Norwegian. New level, new challenges. As always the…

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Do you speak Norwegian?


Well I do! at least some :p Learning Norwegian. Why you may ask? well because my Fiance is Norwegian and we intend to settle there for the first few years of our lives together and Norsk/Norwegian is the official language. Any Norwegians apart from him reading my blog???…Hei! *waves*. Did a crash course last summer on  Nivå A1 and A2 in London and except from some ‘Eiendomsord’ which i still struggle with I think I have not found it terribly…

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