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Coldplay AHFOD TOUR 2016


Coldplay is one of the greatest bands ever! I am a conscious music lover….and their music does it for me…Seeing them live though is an experience on a whole other level. Magical! I called that night belting out my favourite Cold Play song ever; Fix You with the whole stadium lit up nothing but Magic! Before that night every time I listened to their music I dreamt about hearing it and seeing them perform it live! I am overjoyed that it…

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On Repeat: Chris Brown – Back To Sleep


Tittle Track: Back To Sleep Album: Royalty Artist: Chris Brown R’n’B is not dead after all and on behalf of all the RnB Fans out there I say a big thank you to Chris Brown!!! He keeps doing it right, you may not like his person but his talent is undebatable…. I especially love the intro to the song, it has this 80’s smooth R’n’B feel to it… Gets me finger snapping and two stepping every time…. Such a smooth start.…

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Shut Up and Dance


Title Track: Shut Up + Dance Album: Talking is Hard (Track 3) Artists: Walk The Moon This song right here is my happy song… No matter what mood I am in, my feet and head move whenever it comes on, wherever I am! Oh I also grab my air mic and get into performance mode to that lyric: ‘Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back, she said Shut Up and Dance with…

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Cheerleader – OMI


Artist: OMI & Feli Jaehn Album: Unknown Title Track: Cheerleader Felix Jaehn Remix The popular saying everything good will happen at its time might not be a cliche after all. Cheerleader sung by Jamaican singer OMI was released in 2012 as a single! It gained popularity in his home country Jamaica, Dubai and Hawaii but it was not until 2014 that it became a hit single thanks to Felix Jaehns remix. This song is now currently sitting on the top…

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