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Brown Lentils


Can I just say the preparation time for Lentils is a trip…Anyone else think so? Why oh why do we have to soak the pulse for so long? Anyways always wanted to try cooking lentils for myself…My Aunt cooks them a lot and it smells real good! Lentils are good source of; B-Vitamins, Protein and Cholesterol lowering fibre… What you need Lentils (depending on the portion you want) Red Onions (Chopped) Well diced carrots (I used two) Celery (Finely Chopped, I…

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Getting LeanIn15!


If you follow me on social media you will know I draw a lot of inspiration from Joe Wicks; Founder of the ‘#LeanIn15 Movement’. If you have been trying to loose weight, get fit or just live a healthy lifestyle, LeanIn15 is one of the easiest ways… Started following this funny brit on Instagram round about when he started posting his 15 second recipe videos about 15 minute prep-time lean meals on Instagram  –> #LeanIn15 ! He’s creativity and resilience…

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