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Long time no post! haha, Life has been BZ for me and will continue to be so until after August. Soon after that though I will be back! On to today’s matter. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

So Something Borrowed…this movie is about two childhood best friends. Racheal and Darcy… Darcy is the pretty blonde air head of the two whose outgoing personality always dominates Racheal’s reserved one. Racheal is in Law School and really really likes this guy Dex and it seems he is into her too but she is not quite sure if it is only as a friend or more. She cannot and will not even dare to believe that a guy like Dex will be into her.

She has told Darcy all about him for 9 months. One evening she is out with Dex and Darcy joins them. Darcy puts Dex on the spot by daring him to ask Racheal out on a date right there. Again doubting Racheal rushes and kills it by saying she and him are just friends. Darcy then turns to Dex and asks him to take her out on a date!

There and then Racheal’s face falls. Dex and Darcy start to talk, she excuses herself to leave and Dex goes after her and asks her if she is ok with this to which she lies again and says yes!

Fast forward some years down and Dex proposes to Darcy. They are getting married. It appears Racheal is all over it until she and Dex decide to go out for a drink and she tells him she did have a crush on him in Law school. He asks her why she did not say so back then, as he never knew she was into him…they kiss and wake up in the same bed!

Racheal treats it as a mistake that will not happen again. She blames it on them being drunk but Dex says he was not and was fully aware of all he did. Racheal still chooses to treat it as a mistake and tries to forget it, she tells Dex that what happened was just wedding jitters but he says it was not and cannot stop thinking about her. They fail and continue to see each other behind Darcy’s back. Racheal considers ending it but they realise they are the loves of each others lives and eventually he calls off the wedding to be with Racheal. Darcy finds out the reason he called of the wedding was Racheal, naturally she feels betrayed and cuts Racheal out of her life.

My question to you reading this… is Racheal wrong? Who stole whose man really? This movie led to a big discussion and I thought to bring it on here. Would you let the love of your life go with your best friend?

For me the answer is ‘I do not know’. It is a difficult situation. If the love of my life who I loved long before was to be married to my best friend and it turns out he feels the same way I feel, best believe I will consider ripping off that band aid. For me true love is rare and once you are lucky to be found by it, you sought of have to try to fight to keep it…

Also in this case your friend was well aware in the start that you were proper into this guy. You told her you liked him but were not sure he was into you. You shied away and she jumped straight in. If down the line he tells you he actually was and still is into you but did not step up to it because he thought he was friend zoned will you still put your friend ahead of you? Who is in the wrong here?

Racheal and Dex should not have continued seeing each other yes! That was dishonest yes! What they did was wrong but was the way they felt for each other wrong too? Would ‘the right thing to do’ be for Dex to go on and marry Darcy? Would it be ‘right’ for Racheal to put her best friend ahead of the way she feels? To let the love of her life go again to Darcy?

I think a lot of people end up marrying their options b, c, or d in the name of doing what is right, doing what is expected of them and not what they want to do….and that is a wrong type of right!

Answer honestly….. Would you give up the love of your life (not unrequited love) for your best friend? Is there really a thin line between love and friendship?


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