Shut Up and Dance


Title Track: Shut Up + Dance

Album: Talking is Hard (Track 3)

Artists: Walk The Moon

This song right here is my happy song… No matter what mood I am in, my feet and head move whenever it comes on, wherever I am!

Oh I also grab my air mic and get into performance mode to that lyric: ‘Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back, she said Shut Up and Dance with Me’ – (Cheesy May be..I know but like I said..It is my happy song so whatever! :p)

I love love to dance, so me and this song are a perfect match! It also makes me relive my teen pop-rock music phase again…

Love it and sharing it.!  Hope it gets you on your feet shaking your tush like it does me..x

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