Getting LeanIn15!


If you follow me on social media you will know I draw a lot of inspiration from Joe Wicks; Founder of the ‘#LeanIn15 Movement’. If you have been trying to loose weight, get fit or just live a healthy lifestyle, LeanIn15 is one of the easiest ways…

Started following this funny brit on Instagram round about when he started posting his 15 second recipe videos about 15 minute prep-time lean meals on Instagram  –> #LeanIn15 !

He’s creativity and resilience has paid off! Fast forward two years after and he has published two books with rumours of a third, been on numerous TV shows, trained employees at the Microsoft HQ in Seattle, and is scheduled to go on the Good Morning America TV show.

I draw a lot of inspiration from his journey because he was really just a plain joe like me. He simply silenced the naysayers, followed his creativity and passion…never stopped and now has suceeded.

He has a 90days fitness plan tailored to each and every one of his clients. He is not against eating carbs or fats as you would see on his social media. Because of him I now understand better the way the body works with food….

Eating right involves consuming the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins at the right time. Combined with the right duration of a high intense work out you should see better results in getting lean and fit.

I finally got a copy of one his books LEAN IN 15 (can you tell how happy i am?) and cannot wait to try some of his recipes and work out routines ( Will share my favs here as usual)… You can order yourself a copy online and follow him @thebodycoach on social media to see many testimonials and all….

Thank me later :-p

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