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Hi guys, been a long minute since i wrote anything on here! I’ve been busy settling in to my ‘new life’…can’t wait to find my rhythm and be back on here full time!

So yes i made out time to see Get Out at the cinemas :p  and that movie is dypeeeeee! If you have not seen it and you are the ‘no spoilers’ type of person i suggest you stop reading at the full stop that ends this sentence.

The story on the surface is about an african american man called Chris about to meet his caucasian girlfriend’s (Rose) family for the first time. Just before they leave he asks her if she has given her parents a heads up on his ethnicity to which she replies no.

Everything seemed off from the start of the journey. They arrive and her parents and brother are ODD. Firstly the dad is completely socially awkward and makes the most uncomfortable comments in attempt to connect with Chris; like he would have voted  if Obama would have run a third time. Secondly the brother’s seemed completely unstable… thirdly they had only ‘black people’ in their employment; a house keeper and gardner who also behaved super weird, like they were under a spell. Lastly the mom was a psychologist who specialised in some type of  hypnosis therapy.

Long story short it turns out Rose belongs to a family that specialises in kidnapping african americans for their ‘perceived special biological traits ‘ and auctioning them to members of a secret club made up of ‘white people’. Rose brings them home, they get hypnotised by her mom and fall into a state of hypnosis called ‘the sunken place’ (a place where their full consciousness becomes suppressed). Lastly a brain transplant is carried out by her surgeon dad between the caucasian owner and african american which gives the caucasian full control over the african-american’s body.(clue the black helps)

Chris finds this out after he has been auctioned and it might just be too late for him to GET OUT.

On the surface the story of the movie is all about Chris escaping from them. Getting out of the house. The movie however is a satire and is actually asking african americans and ‘black’ people everywhere to get out of the mental prison(sunken place) they have been put into by the system and also the caucasians they surround themselves with.

Have you ever met some ‘white folks’ that try desperately to connect with your blackness first and sometimes only connect to you on that level… You know the types you meet, who for some reason only talk to you about famous black people and how much they admire them? or just desperately want to talk to you about ‘stereotypical’ things that ‘fascinates’ them about being black, for example; black athletes, hip hop, and black culture in general.

They talk about how much they admire these things in an attempt to connect with you and have convinced themselves that their knowledge and interest in what they perceive to be ‘cool’ ‘black culture’ makes them non-racist…

These people always want to put you in their box…their stereotype box of what a ‘black person’ or an ‘african american’ is like or should be like and they like you because you fit into it as long as you agree! Thing is though you might get stuck in there(sunken place).You find yourself trying to fit in even more.

When you stop to think about it though you will realise that people that do not see colour simply do not see colour. Thats it! They would never strike up conversations with you about black culture or feel a need to try to connect with your ‘blackness’. They are comfortable with you and have a genuine interest in who you are.

There were levels of depth to this movie, and hearing childish gambino’s ‘redbone’ on the soundtrack in the start was like !!!…Can I just say the actor that plays Chris did a great job!

So yes the movie was about Chris getting out of that house, but more about you escaping from whatever box you have been placed in by society and the system based on the colour of your skin. To be yourself, to find yourself, to not conform to other peoples expectation of us…actually to refute these expectations completely. To set yourself free.

Yes the afro-american culture has had a great influence on me as many other people around the world…but i do not sound like what you see on tv…I am african. My skin is black and I do not know much about twerking or whining or basketball…loooool. Oh….I do not know how to make braids, plaits cornrows, weaves too!

The people in my hall clapped and clapped and clapped which is a very rare Norwegian movie experience! Only really good movies can do that i think… 🙂

Go see it and let me know what you think…


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