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Title Track: Cruisin
Artist: D’angelo
Album: Brown Sugar

Water down Soul with a little bit of RnB and what you get is Neo-Soul. Well that’s according to me at least. The no 7 track on his Brown Sugar album released in 1995! Cruisin is definitely on my classic tunes list.

In case you were wondering why I am listening to a song from 1995, please refer to my profile!

The music has elements of smooth Slow Jazz and Motown Vibe…It is after all a remake of the original classic from Smokey Robinson! The original version has more soul in it in my opinion.


At first listen the song sounds completely innocent, sounds like he is singing about the L.O.V.E. but listening with Adult ears now I realise he was talking about the S.E.X.

Although the song is talking about making love, I think this song is perfect to slow dance to in a dirty dancing kind of way! hah! … Might be the perfect record to play for fore-play?

Here are my favourite parts *wink*

‘Baby tonight belongs to us
‘Everything’s right, do what you must
‘And inch by inch we get closer and closer
‘Every little part of each other, oooh baby baby
‘Let the music take your mind
‘Just release and you will find
‘Your gonna fly away, plan to go my way,
‘I love it when we’re cruising together
‘Ooh baby let’s cruise,
‘Let’s flow, let’s glide,
Ooh let’s open up and go inside,
‘And if you want it you got it forever,
‘I can just stay there inside you and love you baby!

The combination of the music and lyrics make for a perfect seduction song… Don’t you agree?

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