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Cheerleader – OMI


Artist: OMI & Feli Jaehn

Album: Unknown

Title Track: Cheerleader Felix Jaehn Remix

The popular saying everything good will happen at its time might not be a cliche after all. Cheerleader sung by Jamaican singer OMI was released in 2012 as a single! It gained popularity in his home country Jamaica, Dubai and Hawaii but it was not until 2014 that it became a hit single thanks to Felix Jaehns remix. This song is now currently sitting on the top 10 charts all over the world.

I for one heard the song whilst watching everyone’s new favourite inmate on Orange Is The New Black Ruby Rose stop on the road to jam with her girlfriend on Instagram. Felix Jaehn is known for Tropical House and that is exactly what this song is. [I think I might be on a roll with caribbean/Tropical music as per my last post] It’s happy music and it’s lyrics are happy too. I love house and slow reggae so a combination of the two is most appreciated by me!

I however listened to the original song and I kinda think I prefer it to the remix…. listen below




I mean the remix is up-beat, a club banger, perhaps a little bit more happy because of its up-tempo beat which has made the song get more air play around the world and thus the success it is now. The original in my opinion is the better of the two, I feel the essence of the song more, I love the slow reggae feel, it is still danceable to as well but not in a ‘house festival club’ kinda way, haha! I think the original is a keeper and the remix would be shelved in due time. I would play the original in 2020 and still feel it!

What is your take?

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